Look Briefly Into Our History

    It All Started With Dr. Gilbert R. Mason Sr.

   The Formation of the Biloxi Branch NAACP came by traced to the local events as far back as the 1950's. The arrest of Dr. Gilbert R Nason Sr.,and others at Biloxi Beach on May 14th, 1959, not only led to the formation of the Biloxi Branch, but the arrest led to the historic "Wade-In" protest on the Mississpi Gulf Coast. These protest were held on the Mississippi beaches and served as organized protest against racial discrimination to bring progress and succes of the National civil Rights Movement home to Bill.

      Gilbert R. Mason, Sr., "wade-in" activist and physician, was born in Jackson, Mississippi, on October 7, 1928. When he graduated from Jackson's Lanier High School in 1945, Mason dreamed of becoming a doctor. He earned a B.S. degree from Tennessee State University in 1949. He earned an M.D. degree from Howard University Medical School in 1954, and served a year as an intern at Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri.

      Thus, since the arrest of 1959, and the subsequent formation of the Branch during the week of April 25th,1960, the Biloxi Branch NAACP has continually participated in all aspects of our local community to insure that equal opportunity and equal access is provided to all. 

      Dr. Gilbert R. Mason Sr. was dedicated a Highway on June 21, 2008. House Bill No. 207 passed by the Mississippi Legislature designated a segment of U.S. Highway 90 in the City of Biloxi as the Dr. Gilbert R. Mason Sr. Memorial Highway. The segment begins at Rodenberg Avenue and extends to Porter Avenue.

      There was also a Head Start Center named after the activist Dr. Gilbert R. Mason Sr. Dr. Gilbert R. Mason Sr. Head Start Center is a licensed daycare serving the Diberville, Biloxi area.


Keys and Recovery 

Key 1:   Members

The membership of the Biloxi Branch is the second largest in the State. However. our total membership number is small compared to Biloxi's population. We need you to JOIN! Please contact Branch offices to sign-up or renew your membership today. 

Biloxi Branch NAACP Recovery

The Biloxi Branch NAACP is working with various organizations to bring about a recovery we can believe  in.

The branch continues, and will continue, to testify, to question and to advocate for the full recovery of the African American citizens, as well as the equitable redevelopment of African American neighborhoods and communities.


Key 2: Voter Empowerment 


It is more important now than ever to vote. the Biloxi Branch is striving vigourously to increase voter participation. In order to see progress you have to be a part of the process. So please go to your local district and register.


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